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Aquascape Black

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  • Model: AB001
  • Shipping Weight: 9.5 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Aquascape

Aquascape Black

Unique deep black colour
- captures essence of soil deep within Amazonian basin
- Fine-grained & highly porous - large surface area facilitates bacterial colonization to support tank stability
- Creates soft & slightly acidic water conditions
- ideal for growing aquatic plants & keeping most freshwater aquarium fish
Nutrient-rich substrate that creates soft & slightly acidic water conditions
Full of over 70 slow-release essential nutrients & trace elements essential for plant growth
Sets-up water conditions for ideal aquatic plant growth
Produced from rich natural soil with no artificial colours for optimum plant growth
Developed using nanotechnology-results in stronger granules & clearer water
Specifically developed & formulated for freshwater aquatic plants Further developed & optimized for cultivation of aquatic plants Product of extensive research and testing
Promotes lush plant growth and strong root system
Ready for immediate use
- no rinsing or washing required Instantly clear water

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