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  • Model: CALCARBO
  • Shipping Weight: 1 kgs
  • Manufactured by: CAL Aqualabs


Description: Plants grow by converting carbon dioxide to plant tissue through a series of complex pathways and chemical reactions. CARBO-L is a concentrated source of bioavailable organic carbon that can be easily absorbed and readily used to generate new tissue for growth. Plants can use CARBO-L as an alternative carbon source to carbon dioxide, resulting in significant growth improvements in aquariums with or without CO2 supplementation.

In addition, CARBO-L also helps control the presence of algae when used regularly. Recommend for use together with CHROME and SHINE.

When to use: Begin using CARBO-L one week after setup of aquarium. For optimum results, use along with CO2 supplementation. To control algae and ensure constant plant growth, continuous use is recommended.

Dose: Add 1 ml to 50 liters of water daily, or 1 pump for 100L daily. In heavily planted tanks, dose can be increased to 2ml per 50 liters daily (1 pump for 50 liters daily). For eliminating black-beard algae, dosing of 1 pump (2ml) per 10 liters per day may be used until algae is under control.

Volume: 250, 500 ml.

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