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Ferka Aquashade 250ml

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FERKA Aquashade

Aquashade is the complete formulary for a shaded tank. It is composed of all elements including nitrogen and phosphorus. Unlike a tank with high density light, most of the plants in a shaded tank are moss or fern which have no roots.

Because of differences in light intensity and plant structures which have no roots, we provide a different formulary, Aquashade.

Light Intensity Besides the consumption issue for a shaded tank and normal tank with medium and high intensity, algae, is another issue of concern. In a normal planted tank with medium and high intensity, algae both green and blue green can easily be a problem caused by improper nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and iron. Under these conditions light is one important accelerator. With shaded light conditions, proportions of some nutrients have to be changed and also some extra nutrients need to be provided.

Structure Comparison between Stem plants, Rosette plants and moss, fern and others which have no strong root system under gravel or soil, the limitation of nutrition provided is an important issue if one desires flourishing conditions.

While we provide root fertilization to those with a strong root system (actually absorption of nutrients through roots are much more effective than through leaves) we cannot do this with such plants with no strong root system, therefore the nutrients in water is much more important.

Aquashade provides all essential nutrients including mean micro and macro nutrients. Beside this Aquashade also has extra elements which will promote the flourishing of your shaded tank.

Remark: For some shaded tanks with Rosette plants like some Crytocoryn , Anubias and some Echinodorus, Aquashade is also recommend, but where root fertilization plays a more important role, Rosetta is recommended.

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